Pillar Property Management is your full-service property management resource.  Our mission is to be a pillar in the community by providing exceptional, knowledgeable, and responsive service to our clients and tenants.

We are based in St. John’s, NL and service the St. John’s Metropolitan area.

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Services & Pricing

Services for Property Investors (Owners/Clients)

The following is a list of services we typically provide for owners of investment properties.  These are flexible and we can add or remove services based on owners'/clients' needs.  In addition, we can provide these services on a short-term and long-term basis.

Renting Units

  • Recommend appropriate rental rates.
  • Actively market and advertise vacant properties with goal of reducing duration of vacancy.
  • Answer inquires and show properties to potential tenants.
  • Screen prospective tenants, which includes conducting reference checks.
  • Provide weekly updates to clients regarding the status of vacant properties.
  • Explain and sign Rental Agreement Contract with tenants.

Management of Owners'/Clients' needs

  • Provide advice regarding compliance with relevant legislation, and enforce the Residential Tenancies Act on behalf of the client.
  • Advise on ways to maximize profit for property.
  • Enable clients to own property within the St. John's and Metro area while living outside the geographic area.
  • Prepare monthly statements, which include a breakdown of income and expenses.
  • Create an inventory of units' contents.
  • Conduct routine inspections of properties (schedule depends on clients' preferences).
  • When tenants vacate, conduct inspection of unit and audit contents inventory.

Management of Tenant and Owner/Client Relationship

  • Collect and deposit rent payments, ensuring payments are on-time.
  • Collect and distribute damage deposits.
  • Respond to tenants' routine inquires and issues, and address emergency maintenance.
  • If required, manage conflict resolution.
  • Communicate with tenants:
    • Upon tenants moving in, provide helpful information such as the garbage collection schedule and other municipal information.
    • Utilize Twitter and Facebook to communicate community information.

Maintenance Services

  • Perform minor maintenance/repairs, such as painting, plumbing, etc.
  • Manage larger repairs and projects, and oversee vendor relationships.
  • Arrange for professional cleaning services for current tenants and/or when tenants vacate.

Pricing of Services for Property Investors (Owners/Clients)

The typical price structure is:

  • 50% of first month's rent.
  • 10% of each month's rent thereafter.
  • Hourly rate for maintenance and other related activities.

Contact us for specific information.

Services for Rental House Hunters

Assist hunters with assessing options and finding their new home-sweet-home.  Services include:

  • Providing hunters with information on locations within the St. John's metro area which meet their needs.
  • Researching available rental properties based on hunters' wish lists.
  • Visiting listings on hunters' behalf.
  • Meeting and negotiating with landlords.

Contact us for more details on services and pricing.


"Matthew is an excellent landlord - he is very respectful and knowledgeable about the rental process, he takes pride in his properties, and cares about the people living in them:  With some places - it is easy to feel like you are just part of their bottom line paying rent to a numbered account, but that was never the case with Matthew.  He has a genuine appreciation for the character of St. John's and the community, and he made me feel very welcome to the city.  I would highly recommend giving him a call! " - Wendy

"Thank you very much Matthew for a great three years! You are a wonderful person and an excellent landlord. We’ve appreciated all that you’ve done for us." - Tiffanie and Dylan

"Matthew is a great landlord. He is easy to reach at all times, courteous, and prompt to reply to any issues you may have with his properties. The properties themselves are well maintained and clean.  I would recommend him as a landlord without hesitation." - Lisa

"Matthew is a great landlord and a nice guy. He's always quick to respond to any issues and goes beyond the duties of a landlord (he even helped us apply our window seals!). We loved our time on Gower Street and thank Matthew for that." - Sara and Fabio

"We'd happily recommend Matthew as a landlord to anyone. He's approachable, accommodating, and always happy to help. He always does his utmost to make himself available to help with anything you may need." - Adam and Renée

“Very impressed with this company and the professional service it provides.”... “Thanks for the excellent service.” - Roger



Matthew Pinhorn, Owner/Operator

With 14 years of experience in the property management industry, Matthew Pinhorn has developed a strong expertise in this area.  His success stems from owning investment properties, as well as managing properties for clients’ in the St. John’s Metropolitan Area.  In addition to his direct experience, his expertise has been strengthened through family involvement in income property ownership, spanning decades.  Being an owner, and having been a tenant, he offers a valuable perspective on the industry for both the owners of the properties he manages, and the tenants who occupy the properties.

Matthew completed a Computer Science Degree from Memorial University, and worked in the industry in St. John’s and in the United States for 18 years.  Two years ago, he decided to switch careers and begin Pillar Property Management, as a result of his passion for the industry, and the satisfaction he receives from owning and managing his own properties.

Empowered by his strong commitment to customer care, his goals are to professionally and effectively manage clients’ properties, while maximizing their return, as well as to provide tenants with quality homes.  His focus is on ensuring clients’ interests are met, and that each property is managed with a fervent attention to detail, thus providing peace of mind to clients and tenants.

To further support these goals over the years, he has developed strong relationships with the best local suppliers of services that are essential to ensuring high quality property management.

To explore the Pillar Community and experience outstanding customer service, contact Matthew at (709) 738-1660 or matthew@pillarpropertymanagement.ca.